Andreas Veit

I am currently a Research Scientist at Google Research in New York. Before joining Google, I received my PhD in Computer Science from Cornell University and Cornell Tech in 2018, advised by Professor Serge Belongie. My research interests lie in the fields of Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.
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Research Highlights

Adaptive Gradient Methods Converge Under Heavy-tailed Noise

Jingzhao Zhang, Sai Praneeth Karimireddy, Andreas Veit, Seungyeon Kim, Sashank J Reddi, Sanjiv Kumar, Suvrit Sra
NeurIPS 2020
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How To Backdoor Federated Learning

Eugene Bagdasaryan, Andreas Veit, Yiqing Hua, Deborah Estrin, Vitaly Shmatikov
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Convolutional Networks with Adaptive Inference Graphs

Andreas Veit, Serge Belongie
ECCV 2018 (Oral), International Journal for Computer Vision (IJCV) 2020
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Conditional Similarity Networks

Andreas Veit, Serge Belongie, Theofanis Karaletsos
CVPR 2017
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Learning From Noisy Large-Scale Datasets With Minimal Supervision

Andreas Veit, Neil Alldrin, Gal Chechik, Ivan Krasin, Abhinav Gupta, Serge Belongie
CVPR 2017
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Residual Networks Behave Like Ensembles of Relatively Shallow Networks

Andreas Veit, Kimberly Wilber, Serge Belongie
NIPS 2016
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COCO-Text: Dataset and Benchmark for Text Detection and Recognition in Natural Images

Andreas Veit, Tomáš Matera, Lukáš Neumann, Jiri Matas, Serge Belongie
Scene Understanding Workshop at CVPR 2016
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Learning Visual Clothing Style with Heterogeneous Dyadic Co-occurrences

Andreas Veit*, Balazs Kovacs*, Sean Bell, Julian McAuley, Kavita Bala, Serge Belongie
ICCV 2015
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* equal contribution